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Do you have long-term business or a short-term project? Do you need an assistant in digital design and production aspect of it? Contact me and I will prepare the quote that will best meet your needs.

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The easiest and most accurate way of communication in my field is email. To get the fastest response, please send me an email.

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You can also send me a message through my WhatsApp Business account. Since it is mostly reserved for my current clients, it may not be the fastest way to get in touch with me. I will be returning your messages as soon as possible.

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My Instagram account is also like my portfolio. You can always check out my recent projects and jobs through my Instagram. Follow me!

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I have recently started my YouTube Channel. I create content on life, productivity, study techniques, technology, and various aspects of my job like graphic design, web design, and videography. To get notified about the content, consider subscribing.

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My wife and I started diKraft basically to retell what has been heard and said before, with new forms and new frameworks. We wanted people to listen to this story from us and see the world from our window once, that’s all. This blog project is entirely ours. I designed and developed the website, and my wife and I write all the content.

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At the end of each week, diPost delivers a small selection of that week’s readings (sometimes a podcast or a YouTube video) to their followers’ email inbox. In this dizzying confluence of content, we do our best to include at least one blog post that might interest you, perhaps a podcast that will open your mind, or a piece of news that has escaped your attention. Contents are bilingual, some of them are in Turkish, others are in English.

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