My Portfolio

I created my first website when I was just 12, I designed my first poster when I was 15. I became a professional recently, after years of hard work and endless education. Here a couple of samples from my professional portfolio.

My Videos, Films and Animations

Videography is my number one passion. (That’s why this section is at the top of this page :D) These are just a couple of samples; more is on the way. Stay in touch, to see more.

My Web Designs

I did a lot of bad web designs when I was a child. In a sense, I learned how to design a good website by mastering how not to design bad ones. Here there are a couple of my recent jobs that I am proud of.

My Logo & Graphic Designs

This may sound counterintuitive, but the hardest and the most challenging of all is to create brands and design logos. The most basic shape is harder to create than the most complex website. Here you can find my branding and logo design works, as well as all other kinds of graphic design examples.

My Other Projects

I never wanted to be a one-sided person. I always try to develop my talents in a very wide range. I do photography. I write columns and blogs. I created a subscription-based email newsletter with my wife. I am also a historian, working mostly on civic history; I am currently writing my MA Thesis on the history of Ankara. Here in this section, you can find all my projects that do not fit any of the above categories.

Said Dağlı

Let's Work on Your Next Project Together

The best portfolio I can present to you will be the job you assign to me. For most of the projects, I provide money-back guarantee. To see what I can do for you, get in touch with me by sending an email and explaining your needs and desires.

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