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Atelier Neva Branding

Atelier Neva was the first brand I did corporate identity work from start to finish. My client had only specified the name. Together with him, we first determined our theme: pastoral. In the second step, we determined the object that will be the symbol of our brand: the pinecone. In the third step, we drew the pinecone of Atelier Neva and prepared 16 versions to be used in different situations. In this page, you can see how I prepared this corporate identity work.

Keywords: Vintage, Nature, Christmas

When I talked with the owner of the brand, I learned that Atelier Neva will sell handcrafted wooden souvenirs in the North American market. Here are three important points that caught my attention. First, craftsmanship and wood products led me to an idyllic theme. Second, we knew that the sale of souvenirs in the North American market is very high in the context of Christmas in the last months of the year. Finally, we decided that the vintage theme would be effective in the marketing of these products, which have low material value but high handcraft value. That’s why we determined three key keywords in this brand creation: Vintage, Nature and Christmas.

Bring Them All: The Pinecone

The pinecone was the symbol that best sums up these three keywords that we determined before, and moreover, looks the most beautiful to our eyes in our case studies. It gives the idyllic image very well. It has a vintage feel. Moreover, it is directly related to the pine tree, without which a Christmas cannot be thought. Among the different ideas I presented to the owner of the brand, my favorite was the pinecone. When he liked it so much as well, I rolled up my sleeves and started working on drawing the best pinecone possible.

Establishing the Asymmetry: The Notch

After drawing the final version of the cone, the perfect geometry of the logo bothered us a bit. We thought about how we could disrupt this perfect geometry and add a unique detail to our brand without harming the beauty and usefulness of the logo. One of the main reasons for this effort was that handmade products differed from fabricated products in a very fundamental way: What made the handmade products so valuable was that they did not come from a perfect machine, they did not have perfect symmetry. Here I presented the notch idea to the owner of the brand. We tried multiple notches and finally settled on one.

Atelier Neva, the Pinecone, a Vintage Logo

It has been both a proud and a very enjoyable job for me. I prepared a few mockup images to give an example of how this logo looks, along with its different versions. I hope you like it too.
Said Dağlı

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