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Bilkent Turkish Literature Department Web Design

As a Bilkent University student, I am proud to voluntarily design and develop one of my first web designs for the Department of Turkish Literature, one of the distinguished departments of our college. I present it to you, our visitors, with both the happiness of supporting our professors and the pride of putting out a good job.

Modular Web Design

While designing the website of Bilkent University Department of Turkish Literature, I followed the modular web design line, so that our professors can make the necessary additions and subtractions themselves, without requiring them to have experience in web design and management.

Responsive and Multilingual

Bilkent University Department of Turkish Literature is a bilingual department. When designing the website of such an institution, it is absolutely necessary to establish a multilingual infrastructure. This site I designed automatically detects the language preferences of the visitor and shows Turkish content to local users and English to international visitors. Users can quickly switch between languages at any time. Like all the other websites I have designed, the website of the Bilkent University Department of Turkish Literature has been developed to adapt to all desktop and mobile device screens to meet today’s needs.

See this Website in Action

Here are a couple of mockups for the website of Bilkent University Turkish Literature Department…
Said Dağlı

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