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Gençlerbirliği SK Logo Reveal Animations

While preparing for its centennial, Gençlerbirliği SK is trying to complete its institutionalization process. I prepared a corporate identity guide for Gençlerbirliği SK. In addition to this, I prepared three logo reveal animations for three different versions of Gençlerbirliği SK’s coat of arms.
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Primary, Monochrome, Retro

After identifying the first coat of arms of Gençlerbirliği SK, I also prepared its monochrome versions. Finally, I identified the first crest of Gençlerbirliği and the modernized retro version of this crest and made vector drawings. You can see the introduction of all these arms in the video in this section.
Said Dağlı

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If excellency is what you are looking for in your next idea, let’s work on it together. From videography to web design, from graphic design to any other digital project, I will be your personal assistant in your journey towards the best. Send me an email to get in touch.

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