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Mehmet Kalpaklı’s Web Design

After voluntarily taking over the task of renewing the website of Bilkent University Department of Turkish Literature, I volunteered to renew the personal website of Prof. Mehmet Kalpaklı, our department head, as well. I am proud to develop a very simple to use and minimalist website.

Simple to Use, Easy to Look

Each web project has different needs according to its content. Before developing a web project, these needs should be determined and it should be ensured that the needs will be met. I, therefore, developed this website by installing elements that would best meet our needs and eliminating unnecessary elements. Eventually, this website became one of the easiest to use, clearest and most useful design of my whole portfolio.

Switching Between Turkish & English

When designing academics’ personal websites, we need to make sure we design it in a way that is universally accessible. While designing Mehmet Kalpaklı’s website, I prepared a bilingual infrastructure, keeping the same motto in mind. Our website automatically detects the language of the browser and displays the content in English or Turkish accordingly. Moreover, anyone can switch between languages easily with just one click.

See this Website in Action

Here are a couple of mockups for Prof. Mehmet Kalpaklı’s website…
Said Dağlı

Let's Work On Your Next Project Together

If excellency is what you are looking for in your next idea, let’s work on it together. From videography to web design, from graphic design to any other digital project, I will be your personal assistant in your journey towards the best. Send me an email to get in touch.

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