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Stampoll SA Branding

Stampoll SA is the second complete brand identity creation work that I did from start to finish, after Atelier Neva. I consulted my client in the first step on how to create the name: Stampoll Sporting Arms. Then we determined our theme: modern – sportive. In the third step, we came up with the idea of a symbol: the crosshair of a scope. However, this time we needed the logo to be more of a wordmark. Therefore, in the final step, we first created Stampoll SA’s wordmark, and then we added the crosshair of a scope behind it. In this page, you can see how I prepared this corporate identity work.

Keywords: Modern and Sportive

When I talked with the owners of the brand, I learned that Stampoll SA will sell budget sporting arms which would be produced in Turkey in the North American market. I conducted research first on similar brands, second on the market in the Americas, and third about the possibilities that we have. There are already well-established brands in the market. However, those well-established brands would not constitute a competition for Stampoll SA. That’s because, those well-established brands produce and sell high end products with more expensive price tags. Stampoll SA, on the other hand, will enter the market with more accessible products. Therefore, we did not go for a vintage looking brand. Instead, we tried to create a more accessible, modern and sportive branding.

One Font out of Thousands of Fonts

The most time-consuming part of this project was to determine the typeface we will use to create the brand. We spent days to rule out fonts until we had a dozen in our hand. We, then, carefully pick one of them, after hours of discussions and trials.

A Crosshair, but not a Crosshair

Rather than a classic crosshair shape, we wanted to create a more modern binocular look due to the themes we determined for our branding. We did this with three lines in a circle, which get shorter and shorter from top to bottom. Less tells more.

A Couple of Mockups

It has been both a proud and a very enjoyable job for me. I prepared a few mockup images to give an example of how this logo looks, along with its different versions. I hope you like it too.
Said Dağlı

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